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Beyond and Before
Olias of Sunhillow
Song of Seven
In The City Of Angels
angels embrace
The Promise Ring
The More You Know
The Big If
Jon and Vangelis
And This Is This Is

Jon Anderson Discography

The Symphonic Music of Yes didn't quite live up to its potential, so no one was holding their breath for classical arrangements of Jon Anderson's work. And yet Change We Must fulfills the promise of their previous attempt at presenting Yes' music in a more refined light. In their original form, songs like "State of Independence" and "Anyone Can Light A Candle" (here presented as "Candle Song") were amorphous. Here, they take shape beautifully with rich orchestral arrangements balanced beside Anderson's voice. Some of the selections might seem like odd choices at first (two tracks from In The City Of Angels and nothing from Olias of Sunhillow you say?), but Anderson approached this session with a revisionist eye. "Hurry Home" in Celtic form, "Under the Sun" (which had originally appeared as "It's On Fire") in third-world guise, sparkle with newfound vitality. For Yes fans, "Hearts" receives an encore, though it's one of the few songs here that sticks close to the originals. And the album-ending "Change We Must" is almost lovely beyond words. Always looking to challenge expectations, Anderson even provided some honest-to-goodness classical piano pieces (cowritten with David Tolley), performed here by Gwendolyn Mok. That Jon Anderson remains willing to embrace change, while flourishing in these new settings, is a testament to his ongoing relevance as an artist.

Jon Anderson -- vocals, arrangements

Matt Clifford -- arrangements, orchestration, keyboards

London Chamber Academy -- orchestra

Opio Singers -- choir
Christopher Warren-Green -- director


Geoffrey Alexander -- orchestration (5,6,8,10,11)
Jade Anderson -- vocals (8)
Teresa De Santis -- executive producer
Tim Handley -- orchestration (7,9)
Keith Hefner -- arrangements (5,6)
Nick Ingman -- orchestration (1,4,12)
Skaila Kanga -- hrap (8)
Milton McDonald -- guitar (3,12)
Gwendolyn Mok -- piano (4,7,9)
Nadya -- sun chant (11)
Steve Pearce -- bass (3,11,12)
Sandrine Piau -- vocals (6)
Bob Stewart -- orchestration (3)
Ian Thomas -- drums (3)
Nigel Warren-Green -- orchestration (3)
Toby Alington -- engineer, mixing, synths
Nick Parker -- engineer

Change We Must


Tamara ooha
Shana too aya
Lay mi

Coming through vision
Coming through wisdom
Coming together
This love

Giving me daytime
Giving this nighttime
Bringing within me
This love


Coming through wisdom
Coming together
This love


Coming to the earth
Singing to the stars
Change we must
To live again

Coming to the earth to the moon
Coming to the sky to the earth
Change we must
To live again

We will witness this song, we will sing
We belong to the world
"Our Mother so Devine"
We live again
This is here
This is now
This is love
This is life that surrounds

Change we must
To live again

Change We Must. November 1, 1994.

Released on October 1994.

  1. State Of Independence    (Jon Anderson/Vangelis)    5:37
  2. Shaker Loops    (John Adams/Jon Anderson)    5:31
  3. Hearts   (Jon Anderson/Trevor Rabin/Chris Squire)    5:03
  4. Alive & Well    (Jon Anderson/David Tolley)    4:43
  5. The Kiss    (Jon Anderson/Vangelis)    3:51
  6. Chagall Duet    (Jon Anderson/Nicole Valencia)    3:31
  7. Run On, Jon    (Jon Anderson/David Tolley)    2:46
  8. Candle Song    (Jon Anderson/Vangelis)    3:36
  9. A View From The Coppice   (Jon Anderson/David Tolley)    2:46
  10. Hurry Home    (Jon Anderson)    6:52
  11. Under The Sun    (Jon Anderson)    5:01
  12. Change We Must    (Jon Anderson/Vangelis)    5:39

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