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Olias of Sunhillow

Beyond and Before
Olias of Sunhillow
Song of Seven
In The City Of Angels
angels embrace
The Promise Ring
The More You Know
The Big If
Jon and Vangelis
And This Is This Is


Olias ( To Build The Moorglade)
Olias awoke from a dream and drank his soul into the ocean
that sailed past the brink of his window that long summer.

Then build the ship the Moorglade Mover
to sail a silence which nobody knows...

Olias shines as clear as his sons emotions retrace him.
(As one delivers always one will shine over you)

I've sailed and always will to parts of Sunhillow
(Ride on Olias remember your begotten father)

I've trailed and sailed a silence which nobody knows
(Ride on Olias remember your begotten sons)

lay lay lay lay
lay lay lay lay

 Flight of The Moorglade

And the slightest confrontation
way dissolved before the start
                             each man
                                       to each as one clear hand.
Asking only comfort creation
he divided to the heart
                             each man
                                         set sights to new lands.

                       and do remember you

The first to venture
first to gain
exploring daylight
clearer than the Talloplanic view

                    and there they were inside
                the Moorglade to move and to chant
                  all through force to position

            as rhythm raced inside the ship came alive
             and was struck to the soul of perception

                   and raised our head to space
                  beyond all the mass mountains
                     the sun they were headed
                           h e a d e d

Word of life rejoice the sunlight
course the flower to open wide
                            they ride
                                          climb into the dark sky

                  such a moment kindly lingered
                  they set sail from Tallowcross

(A light to lead you
is taken from the massland to the East.
As words are spoken
all courage be the token
as the feast.)

                        Wide Eyed Removing
               the precious moment we have seen...

The Story
by Jon Anderson

Through the mist of a million years of high energy three riders skimmed the surface of the plain of Tallowcross and raced towards a dream. Their meeting point lying between the glades and Gardens of Geda and the high mountain masses, where fountains of light and colour and soft winds of passion, openly existing through wisdom, surrounded the three that silent eve, they sang together through motions only ways, as all around them sparkled and chorused in wonder.
  • OLIAS was to build the ship the Moorglade Mover
  • RANYART was to guide the moments begotten light
  • QOQUAQ, a leader, a fashioner of peoples of Sunhillow

Four tribes lived on Sunhillow and existed through music, rhythms and tempos, each of the tribes attained a light of their own through their songs to their stars, so their energy, their souls, their time, their movements were all accordant to the stars.

  • NAGRUNIUM deepdark skinned stretched beat
  • ASATRAMUS jangled lines of monatone
  • ORACTAMOM cascading ready light metal
  • NORDRAMOUS weavers of body sound

The dance of Ranyart would start the call with beams of alternity directed to the skies. Bending the staff of motions begotten light, he moved with grace within him and charged the air to part and carry him towards the course of passion.

Olias had been busy, and having sang his song, the metallic-like trees with their golden leaves jingling like winter snow,  had motioned their strong roots to slowly dance out of position towards Olias to create the frame of the Moorglade. With spread-eagled wings and high masts with enough room for all, it stood, near ready, it needed only to be strenghtened and covered and this was for the fish of the ocean the 'solar' to do. Olias reached out with voice and sound to ease them from their play. As intertwined and inter- moving parts of the ocean rose into the air glistening in the quick wind they rushed expectantly towards the frame and crashed their forms and clasped and died as all will: the Moorglade was ready.

Hurtling through space amidst countless sister planets, Sunhillow had held the tribes for as long as time would allow: Qoquaq sat alone in the valley, at close points to all, and sang of the mass lands to the East; as the sound ascended and rang out of the valley, a distant form was heard, deep rhytms awoke that spell of a movement as slowly and surely Nagrunium awoke to the message of love and haste. A deep throated drone from the East was heard as an array of sound converged toward the valley. Metal could be seen glinting and chiming in the Western mist. Qoquaq, translike, sang out the rhytms in one clear tone as the singers of the North approached the scene. As they began to mingle a strange discord arose: each tribe had not seen of each other and were at once charged to counteract the balance, only seen to a veil of innocence, still the movement was so strong, all that could move, moved toward Qoquaq, so great was his song. He then gently rose as if not seen at all and guided them toward the ship the Moorglade Mover. Olias song out to Qoquaq as the tribes of sound, in their transic state, appeared on the plain of Tallowcross, his song of welcome was to bring them closer to the ship, as they climbed on board the noise rang out within, rhytms took over rhytm and became more and more intense so that all in one movement the giant wings of the Moorglade began to take to life.

Slowly she dragged herself along the plain, onto the ocean, from which point the ocean began to move underneath the feet of the ship. The solar shell counterreacting with the live made sense of vision, and as the Moorglade began to race, inventing speed, a great writhing tidal wave became and rose high towards the stars, thrusting the Moorglade high into space and to flight with giant sails beaming to the stars, and as the ship traveled into space

Olias of Sunhillow. 1976

Ocean Song   
(Jon Anderson)
Meeting (Garden Of Geda)/
Sound Out  The Galleon
(Jon Anderson)
Dance Of  The Ranyart/
Olias (To Build The Moorglade)
(Jon Anderson)
Qoquaq en Transic/ Naon/
Transic To
(Jon Anderson)
Flight of The Moorglade
(Jon Anderson)
Solid Space
(Jon Anderson)
Moon Ra/Chords/
Song of Search
(Jon Anderson)
To The Runner
(Jon Anderson)

Jon Anderson -- vocals, instruments
Mike Dunne -- sound advice & recording engineer
John Martin -- coordination, equipment, goodies
Brian "It's Going Now" Gaylor -- electronics
Dave Roe -- illustration and design

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All Rights Reserved