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Beyond and Before
Olias of Sunhillow
Song of Seven
In The City Of Angels
angels embrace
The Promise Ring
The More You Know
The Big If
Jon and Vangelis
And This Is This Is

The Star: a webpage of enquiry

On This Day of Days


Jon Anderson - vocals

Orchestra: "Beyond War Philharmonic"- Concert Master: Paul Cheng, Conducted by Bob Esty

Gospel Choir: Calvary Baptist Church of Santa Monica -
Directed by William Bryant II

Childrens Choir - Director Marta Woodhull

Rhett Lawrence - keyboards

Trevor Rabin - guitar

Elliot Easton - guitar

Frankie Banali - drums

R.J. Parnell - drums

Paulinho da Costa - percussion

Novi - electric violin

Sandra Crouch and Friends:

Sandra Crouch - vocals on Oh Holy Night

Jade Anderson - vocals on Jingle Bells
Produced by: Roy Thomas Baker


3 Ships [click for larger image]

  1. Save All Your Love    (Jon Anderson)    1:25
  2. Easier Said Than Done    (Vangelis)    3:14
  3. Three Ships    (traditional)    3:44
  4. Forest of Fire   (Jon Anderson)    3:34
  5. Ding Dong Merrily On High   (traditional)    3:36
  6. Save All Your Love (Reprise)    (Jon Anderson)    2:20
  7. The Holly and The Ivy   (traditional)    3:07
  8. Day of Days   (Jon Anderson)    3:37
  9. 2,000 Years   (Jon Anderson)    0:54
  10. Where Were You?    (Jon Anderson)    3:57
  11. Oh Holy Night    (traditional)    4:25
  12. How It Hits You    (Jon Anderson)    5:13
  13. Jingle Bells    (traditional)    0:30

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