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Song of Seven

Beyond and Before
Olias of Sunhillow
Song of Seven
In The City Of Angels
angels embrace
The Promise Ring
The More You Know
The Big If
Jon and Vangelis
And This Is This Is

For You For Me
Jon Anderson

First the planet, a star,
Suspended in the realm of infinity
Soul and Light charged together
In form called life adorned
To which the world offered a home
Once made for love
And love alone
For you For me
For you For me

It did not stop there, we are form
The magic body, that soft machine
Acclimatised with vision
And just enough thought to begin the test
To learn and just in front
The source of indifference
To the song of knowledge ever sung
For you For me
For you For me

The climate in itself creates a sound so volatile
It makes these words seem clueless forever more
But if in honesty it takes just one dream
To evaluate the chance of choice
Dispelling the clear light
For you For me
For you For me
Hear it

Down thru the age of time
The moment is not and never shall be time
We each revolve around the magnitude of Time and Motion
The point of all is of course not for our earthly talk
For we stand, we walk, we kick, we provoke,
We council, we destroy, we look, we employ,
We say here we are and why
No other life form asks why
Hear me
Hear me

Oh yes! you critics of life and love
You stallions of the pen and more
While you spew your dry thoughts
On poets of nature hang them low
Scoff with glee the unfortunate mass
You say still clings to the treasures of the past
And music
For you For me
For you For me
You hear it now
You hear it now
I hear you now.

Jon Anderson

This song of evening's light
Would charge my memory to flight
The trees that listen
Swift wings to carry on through constant
Gardens they offer delight
It is the evening

In deepest woods and fern
Young deer step light through morning mist
Ascend the swallows
First light streams through the tree-tops
Bouncing as the flowers illuminate
The breath of morning

This song of ages past
I lay in peace midst grass so green
To reach to skyward
Where larks do sing such high delights
Do pour into my senses
The days are blessings
The days are blessings
The days are blessings

Song of Seven. the back cover

Song of Seven: The lyric sheet

Song Of Seven. October 1980

For You, For Me
Some Are Born
Don't Forget (Nostalgia)
Heart of The Matter
(Jon Anderson/Ronnie Leahy)
Hear It
Everyone Loves You
Take Your Time
Song of Seven
all songs composed by
Jon Anderson except where noted

vocals, acoustic guitar,
keyboards, harp.

Ian Barinson.
guitar, bass, sing-song vocals
John Giblin.
Ronnie Leahy
Maurice Pert.
drums and percussion
Christopher Rainbow
backing vocals, sing-song vocals,
Damian James Anderson
Korg keyboards (5),
countdown and countup (9)
Deborah Leigh Anderson
harmony (5)
Petite Jade Anderson
countdown and countup (9)
Jack Bruce
bass (4)
Clem Clemson
guitar (4,9)
Johnny Dankworth
alto sax (3)
Delmay String Quartet
strings (9)
bass (5)
Dick Morrissey
sax (2,4)
Dave Ogden
string arrangement (9)
Simon Phillips
drums (4)
Mike Dunne
Brian Gaylor
John Martin
coordination and instruments

earth mother earth is 
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